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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

POET'S CORNER; The Forgotten Rose

Rose Angel by www.annestokes.com

The Forgotten Rose

A maiden of the mists, in ceaseless wandering
I am haunted by the ghost of my own happiness
Captivated by Time long past, my mind ricochets
From vision to vision and back again
As I slowly stitch together the puzzle of Memory
Piece by painful piece, building an image of torment
Forgotten, you say?
Forgotten? I say nay

For my eyes sought only you
Peering blindly through the fog of dis-remembrance
And my lips warmed only to the dream of your kiss
While the void that held my heart still awaits your presence
That same heart which once I gave to you
 Wounded and broken, now lies bleeding in your hands
Forgotten, you say?
Forgotten? I say nay

For I see your face in every sweet rose that blooms
And the shell of my heart remembers you anew.

By Marie Bruce

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