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"FUIMUS - We Have Been!" motto of Clan Bruce

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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Soon the leaves will start to fall...

It is a damp grey day outside and there is the first tang of autumn in the air.  The birds have been busy in the garden this past week, feeding up ready for their long flight of migration. Indoors  I am tucked away in my crimson study, sat at my beautiful escritoire desk, happily typing away as I write this blog post.  Candles are flickering, the scent of Yankee's Sparkling Cinnamon filling the study with rich, spicy fragrance and Blackberry Musk oil is simmering in the burner in the kitchen downstairs. Between them they make the whole house smell like a country barn at harvest time. 

It is almost summer's end.  The days are already growing shorter, the nights drawing in.  Last night someone was setting off fireworks and the scent of gunpowder still lingers, reminding me that it is my time of year once more...the dark season...six months of dense shadows, swirling mists and thick fog; of grey rainy days and winds that strip the leaves and dead wood from trees, revealing their skeletal beauty.  Golden autumn brings with it a freshness that encourages a new beginning and next week I start night school.  I am very excited by this and by the new opportunities it will bring. A new sense of possibility has me in its grip.  A change is as good as a rest. 

In preparation I have spent today writing hard, getting a head start on upcoming deadlines, writing and filing my Spirit&Destiny column and making notes for features that still need to be written.  It will be fun to juggle my work from home life as a professional writer with my new life as a mature student.  I have already been revising from my old psychology text books to give myself a head start and familiarize myself with the lingo once more. So it has been a busy few days.

As the seasons shift I've enjoyed some autumnal treats such as sweet caramel lattes and crunchy parkin biscuits.  I have been out picking fresh blackberries for my mother so that she can bake pies and crumbles. I've put away my sandals and pulled out my snuggly boots.  I've taken to wearing cosy cable knit socks in the evenings once more instead of wandering around barefoot.  I've dusted off my figure skates as I am hoping to make time for the rink.  I have stocked up on  refills for the Plug-ins in autumnal scents of Cinnamon Sticks, Pumpkin Spice and Crackling Fire & Log Cabin.  Finally, I have purchased four beautiful new winter dresses from www.hush-uk.com  ready for my Highland retreat to Oban in a few weeks time.

As the afternoon begins to wane towards evening I plan on soaking in a Ginger & Shea Butter bubble bath, then snuggling down to watch Black Swan with a glass of Dark Berry cider. 
I think it's safe to say that I have opened the door and welcomed the Spirit of Autumn into my house!
How do you welcome the dark season?

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