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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

ONCE UPON A DREAM; Princess of Dreams

"I dream of a love that even Time will lie down and be still for."
Quotation taken from the novel Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Dreams of a Sea Princess

Princess of Dreams

I dream of a castle with a drawbridge
Of winter winds, cold and frigid
Of a soul-stirring sea
Pounding the castle rock below

I dream of troubadours and poets
Of merry great hall banquets
Of dancing gay and gallant
As the spiced wine flows

I dream of velvet gowns and slippers
Of diadems that glimmer
Of rings on every finger
That glitter, gleam and shine

I dream of candles softly glowing
As outside the night is snowing
Indoors log fires burn
With the scent of Scots pine

I dream of tapestries rich in colour
Hand stitched, hour after lonely hour
As my ladies and I await
 My true love’s return

I dream of a lover, strong and knightly
On a steed bold and flighty
Caparisoned so brightly
For him my heart still yearns

In armour like starlight gleaming
He rides on through my dreaming
 Old wounds still healing
I bid him sweet adieu

I dream of tender reconciliation
Two hearts beyond hesitation
Reunion is but a notion
Behind my closed eyes

For in shadows dark and smoldering
In my mind deeply searching
Lies a truth and a tale
No troubadour can score

In the corners of my heart
The place where lost lovers part
I carry deep within
The hope of our own sweet evermore.

By Marie Bruce

This is what happens when a writer can't sleep - I knocked out a quick ditty at 4am. Enjoy!

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