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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mercury Moon

It is the phase of the full moon and Mercury, planet/god of communication, has just moved into my sign of Scorpio so I guess now is the perfect time to begin to blog.  Its something I've been putting off for years, digging my heals in and saying its just not for me, but now that I am up and running it's actually not that scary! I quite like it.  I am surprised by this as I was lead to believe that setting up any kind of Internet page is a massive learning curve, but I found it to be surprisingly easy and I did it all by myself...I deserve a gold star!

The wonderful thing is that I have been invoking Mercury for a couple of weeks, and now here I am communicating with my Circle members and readers in a completely different way to anything I have done before.  Magic can often be that way...once you invite the gods into your life they shed a new light on things and you might find yourself doing something entirely unexpected.  These subtle coincidences - which are not really coincidence at all - are a sign that magic is afoot.  Mercury certainly has a few surprises up his sleeve, so who knows how many exciting new things he has lined up for me?  I invoked him and he is answering the call.  You can take advantage of his energies too...whether you need a boost to your social life, confidence for a presentation at work, or the chance to meet up with an old friend, simply call on Mercury and state your need aloud...then wait for the phone to ring and expect the unexpected.  Enchanting!

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