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Sunday, 9 July 2017

SILVER SIREN; Troy; Brad Pitt

It is 3am and I have just finished watching the early-morning glory of Brad Pitt in the epic Trojan War film, Troy.   Now that my counselling course is over I can concentrate on more interesting things, such as Brad's stunning manliness in this modern classic.  It's a long film, so not good for a school night, but now that school is out for me, I am free to indulge! 

I love the romance of this film. Brad plays the hardened warrior Achilles, brought to a softer climax by the love of Briseis, the virgin priestess of the Temple of Apollo.   He claims that she gave him a moment of peace in a lifetime of war, and I can relate to both these characters for different reasons; Briseis because she is a feisty maiden of a pagan temple, taking no crap from any man, least of all a seasoned warrior; and Achilles because I wrecked my own Achilles tendon in a riding accident when I was 16 - I got my foot caught in the stirrup and I was dragged a wee while, which has left me with a weak ankle ever since - my very own Achilles Heel.

But it's not just Brad Pitt who makes this film worth watching - there is also Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana too, all shirtless and tanned; like Brad is not enough!  Three gorgeous men, all collaborating in gorgeousness, to tell the classic tale of Homer's Iliad.  The scene between Hector and Achilles is tough because you want them both to win - but of course, there can only be one victor in warfare.  The scene at the end when Achilles meets his destiny is also tough, but you know that he at least has the love of Briseis to take with him. 

This film wraps up the myths of Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, and the traitorous Trojan Horse.  If you've never seen it - where have you been??? Living under a rock? - if you have seen it, it is always worth re-watching....of only for Brad Pitt butt naked five minutes into the film!  
So enjoy! I certainly did!

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