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Monday, 1 May 2017

ONCE UPON A DREAM; The Wheel of Fortune

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"It is the wheel of fortune that can throw you up very high, or bring you down very low. Its message is to be indifferent to victory and defeat, as they both come on the turn of the wheel."

extract taken from The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

I have been ruminating on the wheel of fortune a lot recently, pondering on how it governs all of our lives; how it turns steadily round and round, allowing each of us to experience the highs and lows of life.   It's as if we are all riding a cosmic big wheel - for someone to enjoy the view at the top, someone else has to be at the bottom.  With each cycle the wheel draws you higher and higher, until it is your turn at the top, but then inevitably, it also begins its descent, taking you back down to earth again.

You will know which half of the cycle you are on by noting the main events of your life in recent months or years.  An upwardly mobile cycle brings promotions, great experiences, new lovers and friends, opportunities, abundance, lovely holidays and all the good things life has to offer.  In this stage of the cycle, it will seem as if everything is just coming to you, as you realise your dreams and enjoy life to the full.

A downward cycle tends to strip things away from you, so you experience bereavements, divorce, job loss, poverty, rifts with family and friends etc.  Delayed starts, false endings, obstacles and the derailment of plans are all a sign that you are on the downward cycle. It can be frustrating, upsetting and debilitating. But the wheel doesn't take away anything that you were meant to keep - rather, it removes that which has been holding you back, or which has served its time in your life.

It's like emptying a vase of stale, stagnant water and refilling it with fresh, pure water so that the flowers can continue to bloom.  If you didn't do that, the flowers would die, poisoned by the toxic water. They need purity to survive and thrive.  On a downward cycle it can feel as if your life has been emptied out and there is nothing left but the void of what used to be, but take heart, because when you feel that you are at your lowest ebb, that is a sign that you have reached the bottom of the wheel, and the worst is over. 

Like any big wheel in a funfair, the wheel of fortune allows us time to enjoy both the pinnacle at the top and the doldrums at the bottom. We need this breathing space to assess how far we have come on the climb, enjoying the fruits of our labour, or to come to terms with the losses.  It isn't about being punished - it's about being prepared for the next cycle. 

And you are far from powerless - you can use the two poles to make plans for the next half of the cycle; so when you're at the top, you can start cushioning yourself for the downward journey by setting money aside in savings or retraining to improve your qualifications etc.  When swinging in the doldrums, you can rest and recover, seek counselling for support with the losses and make goals for your next upward cycle so you know what you want the wheel of fortune to offer you.  

These seemingly small actions will keep you being proactive in your life and set the wheel swaying a bit. Before you know it, you will feel the jolt as the wheel shifts gears and moves on once more, taking your day to day life along with it.  

I have also noticed a pattern of seven year cycles in my life, in that I tend to have a seven year block of any one thing, whether it be good or bad, before moving onto something else. These cycles tend to alternate between negative and positive, and right now I am sitting on the cusp between the fall and the flight. My next bliss cycle is due in any time this year and I am ready to welcome it, knowing that the wheel of fortune is lifting me into a new phase of life, with new people for me to meet and new experiences and opportunities for me to enjoy.  

It's exciting and liberating to be free of the past and ready to move on into the unknown.  That is the purpose of the wheel of fortune - it keeps us moving forward; it teaches us that everyone has ups and downs and no-one's life is perfect. It makes us stronger, more resilient and ready to accept that change is necessary and can be a good thing.  It prepares us and makes us ready for the fresh start it brings, as we ride on into the next upwardly mobile cycle of life. So say a prayer for everyone who needs it...because their down cycle might have only just begun. 

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