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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

SHIMMER SPELL; A Blessing for the UK

I found this spare column as I was sorting my computer files and thought I'd publish it here on my blog. Waste not want not...happy casting!

If you have been watching the news in recent months you will be aware that Britain is currently on a high alert against a terrorist attack.  The headlines can be very scary indeed but you need to remember that news programs are just like soap operas and they need to keep their ratings up, hence the sensationalized headlines.
            Of course, there is a very real threat out there and we should not underestimate how serious the situation is but we are far from helpless and we are extremely well protected thanks to our Armed and Police Forces.  As the term suggests, terrorists feed off creating terror, so let’s not play right into their hands by living in fear.  Let us instead, take a tip from our grandmothers’ generation of the war years and the witches of that time who were active in casting spells to aid the war effort.
            Doreen Valiente is widely regarded as the mother of modern Wicca, largely due to her association with Gerald Gardner who founded the Gardnerian tradition of witchcraft. In interviews she has spoken of standing with other witches on the coast of Britain and throwing ‘go-away’ powder (a blend of herbs with banishing properties) into an ebbing tide and chanting “Go away!” to the Nazis during the Second World War. This is proactive witchery at it best and Nazi boots never landed on UK soil as their attempts were floundered by inclement weather conditions. 
            Modern witches can make a similar stand for our country by fighting the darkness of terrorism with the love and light of positive magic.  We can join together to help magically protect our nation and all who choose to live in peace. This is a country where women are empowered.  Our nation is ruled by a queen as head of state and Britain is named after the powerful warrior goddess Britannia, who is depicted on the 50p coin, dressed for battle.  In standing together we can project the light of peace and love across Britain with this month’s ritual.
A Blessing for the UK
Performance Time & Date; Tuesday 7th July at 7pm
Moon Phase; Waning moon to push back hatred
Ritual; You will need a map of the UK, a fifty pence coin, a lighter and a sage smudge stick.  Take the items to a quiet place and spend a few moments thinking about the love and peace we want to create.  Open the map so you have a clear image of the UK before you. Place the coin tails side up to represent the goddess of our island in the middle of the map and then light the smudge stick. Blow it out when the end glows red and gently waft the smoke all around the map of the UK as you say the following incantation.

“By Andrew, Patrick, David and George
Our spell of love and light is forged
By Britannia’s shield, helm and spear
We choose to live in peace, not fear
Four great countries united stand
A patron strong for every land
And with the strength of Wiccan school
We stand against hatred by Britannia's rule.”
Continue to smudge the map for a few minutes more then end the spell by saying;
 “Our blessing shines upon the UK this night; in love and trust, in peace and light.
Blessed be”

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